The Yarn Lady Bag sale is on Saturday and I am so jazzed. I won’t be home tomorrow so I have to think of all the things I want to make and make sure I purchase enough yarn. Given, I may have made this whole bag sale thing out to me more than it is but acquiring yarn has become my new obsession. Now in terms of knitting it all up into its intended project…..that remains to be seen. Kyoto is currently taking up all my time, but soon the leaves scarf will begin.

Last weekend, Jill and I went to visit lots of Yarn stores in the San Diego Area last weekend – Needle Nook, Helga Yarn Boutique, Black Sheep. Knitting in La Jolla and Common Threads were by far the best yarn shop. The people were nice and courteous and the selection was good. Both shops were medium to small but held quite a bit of merchandise. I would recommend them if you are visiting the area.