Knitting Olympics that is. Yes, I, the Nubian Craftster is going to the Knitting Olympics. When I saw the post I debated on whether I should join or not. My common sense said no due to my obsessive personality, however, that said personality has won and I shall join for the hardest 16 day bootcamp knitting project for 2006.

Then began the debate of what to knit. Of course it had to be something I hadn’t knit before and that posed quite a few challenges to keep me interested. I first thought I would do the lace leaves scarf from my future projects list as it was (1) lace (2) grafted (3) was pretty long so would challenge me time wise.

However, once again my obsessive personality has won over and I want to make the Peacock Shawl from Fiddlesticks.

This however is pure insanity. (1) I have not done lace before (2) I have not done lace before (3) the timeline is very limited for something like this (4) I value my sanity (5) I am trying to stashbust and may or may not have a yarn suitable for this (6) This looks like the mother of all patterns for me right now.

But….maybe I will be the Justin Gaitlin of the Knitting Olympics, surprising everyone with my Gold Medal Finish. Or just one of the people who make it to the Olympics but never quite medal, being lost in the crowd of 3 through 7 place winners but still a winner in comparison to all the people who didn’t even make it. Who know but tonight I think I will make Gold with the Peacock Shawl. USA Lace Knitting Team…here I come!!!