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So it has been a loooooonnnng time since my last post. This is mainly because I have not been knitting. I know! A knit blogger who has not been knitting? Yes! I am a seasonal knitter. I admit it. When the weather is 95+ nearly everyday the urge to knit mysteriously escapes me. But, I have come back in the middle of the blazing heat to knit Lady Eleanor. I have been wanting to knit this stole for some time but couldn’t justify the expense of the Noro Silk Garden or thought the Entrelac pattern would be too much of a challenge. However, anticipating the 10+ hours car ride to Eureka last weekend and having got my first two balls of Silk Garden for $6.89. I figured I would start. And she has been addicting ever since. Lady Eleanor has possibly saved me from the knitting abyss that is summer. She has also helped me to knit in public at my local coffee shop so that I can commune with people and knit too.

Thanks Lady E!