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Yarn: DMC Perle Cotton
Time: August 5 – 6 (approx. 1 day)
Inspiration: Knitty Perdita – Lily of the Valley version
Needles: Size 1 (The smallest I have knit with yet)
Yardage: 1.5 skeins
Enjoyment factor (1 to 10): 10 for quick, inexpensive, gift giving, and pretty
Knitting Time: approx. 1 day

This was the Perdita I made for myself. Please ignore the HUGE hand in picture. taking pictures of ones on arm is very hard. I commend anyone who can do it and have it look nice. Hence the intentional bluring so that you focus on the Perdita. Loook at the Perdiiitttaaa……

I made another one for my best friend Jill in a burgundy color, and another in fushia. I am addicted to these patterns. They are easy to knit once you get the hang of it, they finish up fast and are inexpensive. So far I have done the Lily of the Valley and Lilac, still have to do Bluebell. I found the yarn on sale at Micheal’s so I couldn’t resist. This is the cheapest….I mean least expensive knitting project that I have ever done. Love love love this pattern. Highly recommended.