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Yarn: Queensland Collection Llama Seta
Inspiration: Magknits Odessa by Grumperina
Needles: Size 5 throughout (because I was too lazy and cheap…uhh frugal to bye more)
Yardage: 1.25 skeins (approx. 110 yards)
Enjoyment Factor (1 to 10): 8 – beads and pattern detail were the highlight of the knitting. Had trouble with the beading at first and the ending decreases dragged on forever.
Knit Time: August 6 – 11

Odessa took 5 days of knitting to finish up. For this one the devil is in the details so I took appropriate pictures. I enjoyed the bead knitting immensely. I think I have gotten through the phase now. The pattern was excellent and easy to follow. I used Queensland Collection Llama Seta yarn that I bought a slew of during a Tall Mouse sale for $4.00 so this hat cost about $6.00 which is pretty cool. It is also beautifully soft and I loved touching it through the entire knitting process.

I can also say that I have kept my stashbusting oath and busted a ball…uhhh you know what I mean.