I need some Mr. Miyagi kung fu training for patience. I need to wax on and wax off to learn that rushing to the finish line is not the goal, but to enjoy the journey as well. Signs that I need help:

1) My Pomatomus Sock/Glove: working on size 1’s was not the best idea for me. Given, I can do it and I AM doing it but second glove syndrome may be right around the corner.

But who can resist the calming waves of the Pomatomus Sock/Glove? BTW, I have not been able to say the name since I started always coming out Pomitomus or PomUtomuses or PAmotomus. Finally I decided to figure out what the Hell this was. On my way to finding the phoentic spelling of Pometonmuses. I found this picture:

With such a pretty pattern I imagined this to be a much prettier fish. Oh well, at least my sock/gloves look better than that fish.

2) Battlestar Galactica: I have fallen in love with this show ever since adnor got me hooked. Now the third season has started and I am without cable (have been for 2.5 years which is the first and longest period I have been without it). I am reliant on either my mom’s TiVO or iTunes. Instead of waiting a week to see the episode, I instead paid $1.99 because I just couldn’t wait!!

4) My sewing: I say this as though I have taken more than one class. I started the class on Monday. As the teacher was describing the various aprons we could make and their various skill levels. I picked one of the hardest ones, of the easy skill level that is, to try and do. Then she asked how much sewing I had done. Ummmm….

So after swallowing my overachiever nature, I settle for one of the two she had mentioned for my skill level (read: no sewing skill at all). But I vowed to myself that I would get the apron done AND make the potholder DAMN IT!!

3) My driving: I probably drive too fast. Given I do have good reflexes and can anticipate the stupid moves of other drivers (this comes from years of video game play). But sometimes I find myself yelling at people in my car because they are driving the speed limit when no one else is. I can’t believe that I am yelling at them for obeying the law. Makes me sad to think this as I speed past them leaving them in the dust.

So patience is a virtue that I do not possess and if Mr. Miyagi was here I would be waxing cars for quite some time. But until then I expect that age will temper my impatience.

Now when is that sock/glove going to be done….ERRRR!!!