Dear SP9,

The Package

I received a notice of your package in my mailbox on Monday and was uber excited, so excited I stayed home until the 9am pickup time from the Post Office. I was subsequently late for work but it was worth it. The first thing I saw was the wonderful stickers. They were great to see especially because I am missing Oakland, my old home town in Northern California, so the Golden Gate sticker brought on a bit of nostalgia.

Inside were some great gifts. Loved everything, especially the cup, tea cloth (featured in back), the yarn and soap. Uhh…Everything in fact.

The Result

I was inspired by all the great gifts that I had to put them to immediate use. So today I set about baking. Which consisted of baking Banana Bread and Double Chocolate Muffins.

I especially like making Banana Bread because it was one of the first recipes I tried to perfect. The technique that I like to do to make the batter a little less dense is to separate the yolk and whites of the eggs, beat the white into a soft meringue and then fold them back into the batter. This make a lighter, more cakey bread which I prefer.

Today I was too lazy to beat the whites or bring down the KitchenAid mixer so I just made regular Banana Walnut Bread. The bread was good and I had a piece with green tea in my new cup (I was out of earl grey which I was craving and would have been great with this bread).

Second item, because I was in the baking mood were the Double Chocolate Muffins courtesy of Ghiradelli Muffin Mix. My best friend got me hooked on these puppies. I finally got around to making them for myself because they were looking at me from my cabinet as I pulled out the flour for the Banana Bread. So I said “what the hell” and whip them up too.

Lastly, I shower using my new soap, you can see the pictures here…just kidding no picture of that but it smells really good and is 82% organic. I can hear my environmentalist best friend thanking you now.

Now what to make with the lovely super soft Merino Wool that was also included?? If you or anyone else has an idea for my 175 yards of pure joy, don’t hesitate to comment. Until then I will have to sleep with the yarn…in a “just friends sort of way”…Geesh the minds of knitters.

Anyway, thanks for all the great gifts and inspiration

Your SP9 Spoilee