Ummm…sorry posted that on accident before it was ready so for all of you bloggers who are deeply offended by my title there is more to the story…just wait a moment while I continue to write

So here is my first finger ever…

I have made fingerless gloves before, which I now think should be called digit less gloves, but I never had to actually make fingers for them. Of course I had to pick a lace pattern to try and figure this part out. I thank goodness for craftoholics roadmap for this glove, but was still a little shy when it came to the thumb gusset and the fingers. This procrastination, I mean foresight helped me to cast on for the second glove before finishing the first. Therefore, I am soooooo close to finishing both of these I can taste it. And man do I want the glory of a FO so I can start something else. I already have visions of the Knit 2 Together Doctor’s Bag or a pair of worsted weight Rapunzel socks…or maybe I should get started on some of that xmas knitting with only 46 more days to go.

Ok back to the gloves….