Sorry it has been so long since my last update. Returning from the holiday season in Florida, left me a little jetlagged and getting backing into the swing of things was not the easiest to do. However, during my super relaxing vacation with V we crafted. How great is that! I have never had a vacation where I was sedentary and enjoyed it! Does that mean I am getting old?? Well, whatever it means I had a wonderful time…thanks V.

So without further ado, here is my first purse, the Amy Butler Downtown Purse

Pattern: $12.99
Fabric: $10.00
Timtex: $4.50
Total: $27.49

Modifications: A few. One major modification was the size of the bag. We shrunk the pattern to 78% on copier because we both thought it was too big at original size. We used quilting batting instead of the sewing interface for the handles, because we are cheap, and I had stitched on the handles on. I added two more pieces of velcro to the inside because I did not like how the edges of the top flap stuck out a little.

Enjoyment Factor: 8, I will definitely do this pattern again.

The Good:
Loved the construction of the purse. The instructions were pretty damn good once I stopped over thinking what she was trying to tell me. Hee hee, V’s gazillion dollar sewing machine was also a plus as it threaded the bobbin, an cut the thread when you pressed a button which was pretty cool. Will not buy a sewing machine, will not buy a sewing machine….

The Bad:Ok, a couple of times I thought Amy was smoking something when she made this pattern. One was the fabric requirements. Even if we had made this full size the fabric requirements she called out was for at least two purses. Second, was the use of Timtex. I think it gave the bag a great look but it made the seams pretty bulky and needed LOTS of triming. Third, was stitching the handles. WTF Amy!!! It is impossible to stitch these handles onto the bag using the machine once you have the bag fully constructed. It is too thick and too unwieldy. I twisted, I turned but the gazillion dollar sewing machine was not having it. So if the gazillion dollar machine was laughing, my hand- me-down machine would spit this idea back in my face. Needless to say Amy’s name past my lips a couple times during this period and they were not words of praise.

The Ugly: My cutting of the excess Timtex was a little close on the flap and I think I may have weakened it at some points, but you can’t tell unless you look closely but some of the fabric frayed and separated. White thread on black velcro and inside bag, but since it was my first bag, I didn’t feel like investing in more thread before I was sure I could do it.

Time: November 25-28