Ok…I don’t know what is wrong with me but I REALLY need it to stop. I have been the moodiest B*@%$ the past few days. I have waken up tired for more than 4 days despite my attempts at getting more sleep. I even varied the amount of sleep – some days 7, some days 8+ – to try and get rid of it, but still I am irritated and restless while still being tired. Which has resulted in major complaining at work – at least for me since I normally only complain to a select few, but this past week has been just general outward bitchiness with no holds barred – mental temper tantrums, and emotional eating. I just polished off a Western Bacon Cheeseburger with Crisscross fries. Normally I would have shunned this 1000+ calorie, God know how many fact grams, pig out but today despite my slight nausea, I am content.

But the destructive behaviour doesn’t stop at diabetes inducing food comas and slightly scared co-workers. Oh no, it even extends to knitting. While working on the Marnie sweater I felt this sinking feeling and it looks like this

What are those little holes at the bottom all about!!! I got gauge, I thought I tightened up everything fairly firmly but lookie there!! At the top I tried to tightenen up even more between EVERY stitch until my fingers bled, be it stockinette or that irritating Purl tbl, but still you can see those little holes where I did the purl tbl. Before you get started, yes, I did try going down to 6s but it didn’t help all that much and just made me miss the gauge measurements. Errr…I have already left it to marinate for a few days with the hopes of it looking better after a few days, but no more. To the Frog pond with you Marnie!!!We shall see if she comes back or is reincarnated as another knitting pattern. Probably more of the latter than the former.

When I am not so irritated I will post my finished Jaywalkers and show you the Doctor’s Bag I started. For now, back to my glass of whine…I mean wine.