Ta Da!!! My first socks done!! The sweet taste of de feet! These were pretty fun and I will definitely make more socks and probably more Jaywalkers in the future…since I caught the sock yarn bug and was buying up a storm a few months ago. I don’t know how much “out of the house” use they will get because they are pretty thick in relation to my microfiber socks I normally wear. I wear thin socks because there is not a lot of leftover room in my already wide width shoe to accommodate a thick sock, but I do like them a lot.

Yarn: “Knit and Tonic” Vesper Self Striping Sock Yarn
Inspiration: Jaywalkers
Needles: Size 1
Yardage: Little less than 1 skein (approx. 350 yards)
Modifications: Used instructions for making a 9.75″ circumference foot
Enjoyment Factor: 8

  • The Good:
    • The pattern: It was very clear and I was sooo happy that Grumperina posted instructions for making a larger sock. It made me actually have to think about the fact that socks actually DO come in different sizes and I had to measure. I would have been pretty upset if my first sock pattern did not fit.
    • Turning the heel: I LOVED turning the heel! This was the best part of the sock by far. Not only was it great fun building all those stitches and picking them up but it signified the home stretch on the sock. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT
  • The Bad:
    • The first try: Figuring out that I do not always have to go with the biggest size offered. This is normally my default mode as in clothes and shoes I am pretty much on the bleeding edge of normal sizing. Therefore, I first started out knitting the 10.5″ sock and had to rip and reknit when I found it was going to be too big. Definitely not heartbreaking since these socks are pretty big already.
    • The heel: since I wasn’t paying attention I knit the heal a bit too long on the second sock. I didn’t take a picture but the heal on the other sock is grey. Woops! Oh well, they still fit fine though…just one better than the other.
  • The Ugly: Not much on these socks. I can’t say I love the ribbing as it looks like it is just for show as opposed to keeping anything up since this is a fitted sock. I would probably have made them a little shorted to compensate for this since the circumference of my leg expand exponentially after about 4 inches.

Knit Time: November 24 – January 13

  • First sock BO: January 3, Second Sock BO January 13 – definitely a marked difference in knit time due to knowledge of technique and pattern memorization