Ok, my first official post at The Lint Knitter is not even about knitting. Believe me, knitting has been done…OH YES..it has been done. Done and Redone and ripped and redone but done none the less. I finished reknitting the back of the Apricot Jacket and had to rip out some of the left front . I really only have one and a half fronts before being done but I feel as though I have a whole sweater in front of me due to the finishing. The finishing is what is holding up the Doctor’s bag too as I have finished the knitting portion of it and still have the lining to sew (gotta figure out how to make the pockets that I want). However, on the sewing front…I finished my first quilting squares which turned into my first quilting block

Isn’t it pretty?? I now have to pick out the sashing, border and binding fabrics….ug. The gazillion choices of fabrics and styles may be the death of me with quilting. Wish me luck. I hope to have a knitted finished object this weekend but no promises