Ok…I am awake after my two nights of late night crafting. Yes…I do have bags under my eyes and a half functioning brain all in the pursuit of craftiness. Addictive craft of choice? Sewing. Given my primary addiction lies with knitting but for a quick fix sewing scratches my itch.

Now I have been wanting to make the Scrap Wrap from the Denise Schmidt Quilts book that I purchased a few months ago but never had the time nor the guts to try. Well, with my new 1/4″ quilting foot and the techniques from the quilting class under my belt, I pumped out two of these babies in two nights.

First one is for my friend V who I will be meeting up with in Santa Fe for our 30th birthdays. Since we leave on Wednesday, her birthday, I had to pump hers out quick

I love the white accents and the colored plaids. These are very V colors so I hope she likes it




The second one was for me, because we are going to Santa Fe where it is set to be pretty cold while we are there. I have wanted a black scarf for some time but couldn’t bring myself to knit one up. There are just certain colors that just don’t sit with me well when knitting them up, black is one of them. But I am all over black when it comes to sewing. So here is my Japanese version for myself. I love the red accents.




I will try to get some action shots this weekend. We are coming back on Sunday…WHICH IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!! 5 more days to 30th Birthday too

Happy Birthday to me…Happy Birthday to me…. ok guess I am jumping the gun a little…