I am in love with this sweater. I think it will be getting a lot of use in it’s lifetime as the yarn is soft and the sweater fits pretty well. The sleeves…OH the SLEEVES! I love them. They definitely make the sweater. Rebecca does have good details added to their sweaters, even if the instructions are impossible to decipher.


Yarn: GGH Samoa
Inspiration: Rebecca 27 Apricot Jacket
Size 7
Yardage: 11 balls
Modifications: Shortened sleeves and overall length of pieces by 5cm. No buttons, used hook and eye instead as the closure
Enjoyment Factor:8


  • The Good:
    • This project only cost $25 bucks and I knit from my Stash!! I bought this yarn from the Yarn Lady Sale this year so it hasn’t been in there long, but it was still stash
    • The details on this sweater are wonderful. I was petting myself the entire day on the first wear
    • I am in love with the sleeves. They are definitely my favorite part of the sweater, especially where it comes together at the seams, just lovely


  • The Bad:
    • Oh my GOSH!!! this pattern sucks! If it had not been for those who came before me I would have surely given up on this stupid pattern a long time ago.
    • I hate pattern that tell you to mirror the other side when making a right or left side. I cannot envision what they are asking even if it is as clear as day. I messed up on a stupid ribbing section because it had a seaming side. It pissed me off to have to reknit that portion. Just tell me what you want from me damn it.
    • Beside the fact that I have never had any intention of wearing this sweater completely closed, as though that were possible to begin with (read: chub is taking over my body), I could not bring myself to do the crochet for the buttons. Instead I replaced the button closures with some hook and eyes which work well for me, I think.
    • The seaming on the sleeves was murder. I love raglan sleeves, set-in’s suck. My seam was a little bulky but after 3 tries I said to hell with it, this is as good as it gets.


  • The Ugly:
    • Cotton yarn is so unforgiving. I points out every flaw in your knitting. I couldn’t get away with even the slightest tension difference. And you think you can block that out?? Forget it.
    • I am not that in love with the meeting of the edges on the collar portion of the sweater. I had every intention of grafting these together but after my frustration with the sleeve, the amount of yarn tails, and wanting to get it done with the minimum of fuss, I got lazy, bound off the stitches and mattress stitched it together. Not horrible, but definitely not what it could have been.
    • It is not ugly now, but the back had this HUGE glaring ugly stitch that kept gnawing at me as I continued on with the sleeves and fronts. I ended up ripping it out for a variety of reason, but that was one of the major ones.
  • Knit Time: January 20 – March 26