I can feel it coming…


it is not here yet, but I can taste it!


Now don’t go getting all excited and congratulatory because this is baby ain’t finished yet….oh no.


I still have to add the 2 borders before the quilt top is complete. But doesn’t it look beautiful! Like I have said before, it is not quite my style but I love the colors and the ring pattern the yellow fabric makes…can you see it? I had my hesitations but they sure did turn out pretty. This quilt also broke my machine. I had to take it into the shop on Friday because it started getting jammed and eating thread. I had to borrow my mom’s White sewing machine which took me about an hour to adjust and thread due to the age of the machine and the lack of instructions. But it purred like a kitten and sewed like a champ once we got through the first hurdles.


Another great thing that makes me feel that much closer to completion is that I found my backing fabric! Yes I know it is quite busy, but it was $5.00 a yard, has all my quilt colors, still has the yellow I like but won’t show the future dirt as much, and most of all I LIKE IT 🙂 I say this because one of the quilt ladies at the store was slightly offended when I didn’t take her advice on the backing but instead went with my instinct and the opinion of another quilt lady. Although I wouldn’t say I am 100% in love, I am 100% about paying 40% of the cost of the other fabrics there. I also didnt’ find one that I liked more. Besides I always have the excuse that this is my first quilt! I still have my first scarf which reminds me of my extremely poor taste when I first started knitting (*cough* orange fun fur *cough*).

Later this week I should have some knitting updates for you. Yes, I am still knitting. In fact I may be knitting up some out of season attire pretty soon. Is it crazy to knit a sweater made of Noro Kureyon (read: 100% wool) in Southern California in JUNE!?! We shall see…

Update: Hey wait a minute..I forgot that I knitted Lady E in summer, with Noro Silk Garden. Guess we know it won’t kill me to knit with wool in the summer. Besides Lady E was the knit project that brought me back to knitting full swing. I have gone a full year with few knitting lulls….knock on wood.