Bet you were expecting to see fuzzy T.V. screens ala Poltergeist or Spinning heads courtesy of Linda Blair.  Instead, I woke up the other day and saw this.  


Yes, the Noro Butterfly sweater is knitting itself, which is much prettier than demon possessed woman.  I talk about possession because I have had very little time to donate to knitting this sweater lately and yet every time I turn around it has increase in size by leaps and bounds.  Right now I am looking at it and I have an inch to go before I start the arm holes.    Man! Why can’t every knit be this motivated to become a sweater (do you like how I blame the inanimate object?).  So far, it is turning out to be much nicer than I thought and I hope to have the back done this weekend.

Speaking of things that are done…I am now completely finished with my quilt top.  I figured I would not subject you to more quilting new until the actual thing is done, which at present seems like a long time coming but I will persevere.  I also finished my first sewn shirt that will have a finished object post all its own in the near future.  In the meantime, here are the fabric buttons I made for it.  Aren’t they so neat!  I LOVE fabric buttons!


But what about Orangina, you ask? Well, she is on the back burner because (1) my hands hurt, (2) knitting on size 2 are not as gratifying as knitting a variegated yarn with size 8 needles, (3) although it is June here it is still on and off cold so I have to milk the wool knitting season for all it is worth.  Hopefully she will be back in my knitting good graces in a few weeks.