Ha…here is proof!!


Opps..guess that doesn’t prove much. So here is the real proof!


The back and the two fronts of the butterfly jacket are finished and blocking. It is now perfect blocking weather in So. California because it has been 80+ degrees for the past few days. I pinned these out this morning around 10 am and when I returned home at about 2pm, they were almost dry. I debated on what to start on next – the sleeve or the collar – but since I am impatient I already casted on for the sleeves so I wouldn’t have to stop knitting. Finding the right length could prove to be tricky so we shall see how these turn out.

So there!! Although the last few, and probably the next, post have been sewing related, there has been some knittin’ goin’ on. The proof is in the purl….unless you are knitting in the round 🙂