So the Finished Object parade continues with another Amy Butler original. My mom captured this ahhhh soookey sookey picture of me and it just epitomized the hat. I feel so classic when I wear it. It has that Fedora feel with the floppy, stick in your bag, everyday appeal. BTW my earring are courtesy of this lovely artist. I actually subscribe to her etsy store so that I can see all the lovely things she makes.

Fabric: Michael Miller Dandy Damask
Inspiration: Amy Butler Blue Sky Sun Hat
Modifications: 1/2″ shorter brim, Used a 5/8″ seam for the final crown construction seam, 3/8″ shorter crown
Difficulty: 4
Enjoyment Factor: 9
Sewing Time:
Probably 3 hours

The Good:

  • Speed baby, Spppeeed! This thing was done so quickly it was amazing. The most time consuming was figuring out what modifications I needed to make to tailor fit it to me.


  • Love the fabric which is a heavier weight fabric. At first I thought it would be too busy, but then I thought about the fact that this is a huge brimmed hat so being incognito is kinda out of the question, therefore making the actual pattern heavy nature irrelevant.
  • Did I mention speed? Also, Amy’s pattern directions really keep any confusion at bay, as usual.


The Bad:

  • Not really a bad, but I did make some modifications to the pattern to custom make the hat to my liking. These were all mentioned by Amy in the pattern, but we all know we like for the project to finish up the first time through minus mods.
    • I reduced the last construction seam on the crown to make it fit a little more snug than the 1/2″ originally in the pattern.
    • For the crown I made it 3/8″ shorter because it was skimming my ears when it was only the crown and I tried it on. Good for a knitted cap, not so much for a sun hat. So I trimmed off a little, but the trimming also made it a little less snug slightly negating the first mod.
    • Lastly I reduced the brim by 1/2″ because I thought I was going to be swallowed in the overall size when done. I probably could have lived with the size, but thought this change would make the hat a little more manageable for me.


The Ugly:

  • Pay attention to the directions of your seams. If you seam them together without care they will become bulky and make a ridge on the top of the hat instead of the really flat dome at the top. I got a little bit of that, but nothing horrible. You can’t tell unless you are running your fingers across my head, but it is a word to the wise.