So now that I am a little more rested up. I can tell you a little more about my Hawaiian Vacation.

I had such a wonderful time that I even forgot what my room looked like. 8 days in Hawaii is a wonderful thing. I went snorkeling (which is unheard of for a water phobe like myself), went to the volcano, ate at least a months worth of food, and sweat out gallons upon gallons of water in the humidity. This trip was definitely an adventure during which I learned a lot of valuable lessons.

Lesson 1: Wear Sunscreen. Okay, this may seem basic but when you are in vacation mode this can easily be forgotten, resulting in a gnarly sunburn. Poor Jill suffered with this really bad boot shaped burn for days.


My back was also aching and tender but it never occurred to me that I too could have a sunburn. I know I know black people can burn too, but since it has never happened to me before I had no idea what it was or what it felt like. The realization finally hit when I got home and started peeling. I have a new respect for people who have suffered the horror of a bad sunburn. People! Stay away from the sun! That is my public service announcement

Lesson 2: Wear bug repellent when in the jungle. Okay, really it was just a Hawaiian backyard but man do they breed some hungry mosquitoes. I was only out in the jungle area of a few mintues before putting on the bug spray. 26 mosquito bits later I was itching up a storm. I am very bad with anything that itches and tend to make things worse by making them into open sores. Oh well, I did get some great shots though.


Lesson 3: Bring hard drive for picture backup. This was the hardest lesson for me to stomach because I know better. I have a very good hard drive dedicated to backing up all my picture cards while on trips. I bought it just in case my card was ever wiped or lost during a trip. I am sure you can see where I am going with this.

I was devastated to find that I had lost my 1GB card during trip with 200+ pictures on it. I still had another one, but the lost was deeply felt. I know better and had to learn this lesson the hard way. Oh well, between me and Jill we still have quite a lot of pictures to share. And we can’t forget about the memories that not even film can capture.


Ahhh…the memories.