PEOPLE I have been knitting this garter stitch collar for nearly two days now! I want to gnaw off my own arms due to the miles of garter stitch. Ok, not miles, but the seemingly endless 92 stitch garter rows are driving me to the brink. AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

I give props to every person who can do garter stitch sweaters and scarves, because I am losing my mind with the knit knit knit coupled with the lack of growth. Funny part is this process is exactly the same when working stockinette in the round but somehow that brings me more peace than the ribby soul sucking powers of garter stitch. I may have to cut the collar a little short due to the desire to keep my sanity design reasons. It is looking pretty big right now at 9″ and it might swallow my head if it gets to the required 14″ length. Besides, as I was trying it on I realized that I will have to move to the arctic to get the most wear out of this sweater because the 15% alpaca in the Valley Berkshire Bulky obviously packs a punch in the body heat absorption category.  I can feel the heat radiating from my neck, its kinda weird.

Phew, ok…. I am better now, back to the knitting.

**BTW, doesn’t that color look yummy with the blur added. Love it.