So as I have mentioned before, I am taking a women’s tailoring class. This class is pretty intense! Unlike my intermediate class which is all about learning the basic techniques and moving on, this one is about making the best alterations and changes to a pattern to get a “tailored” fit to the garment. Hence I will be focusing on the McCall’s Jacket above for 10 weeks.


From this class I am learning so much about how to create more professional looking garments than the basic instructions of a pattern would yield. For this jacket, we did a paper fitting to get the closest match to my body, we had to add 1″ to the side seams to aid in easy alteration (see the white paper? That would be my bum area plus the extra 1″ for my hind parts which is a little bigger than the fabric tissue…eek!), I also shortened the sleeves to accommodate my personal length, we will also be using wool hymo and wigan interfacing instead of the Pellon easily found at Jo Ann’s. These are techniques that I just wouldn’t have known otherwise.


One of the other big challenges was matching plaids! I got this great worsted cashmere plaid for a Scottish Fabric importer who came to our class on the first day and thought it was so pretty. Little did I know that matching plaids would be that fabric and time consuming. Since I am a borderline perfectionist I would move around the pattern pieces for hours to get maximum fabric leftovers. Why?? Because I have a problem people!! The other part of it was matching plaids on the bias. That is not any worse necessarily than just the plaid itself and actually looks kinda cool.


Anyhoo, I have some sewing to do and tailor basting of interfacing to complete before my next class if I am going to be able to finish this in the 10 week allotment. I will keep you posted on the progress.

Have a great weekend everyone!