So here is my ode to Socktoberfest 2007


 I came, I knit, I drank, I ripped.  That is all I have to say about that.


In regards to the picture above, here are a few of my thoughts:

  1.  I am a girl drink drunk so I don’t drink beer, instead I opt for fruity and sweet drinks, hence the Hard Cider.
  2. The loose Monkey was not doing it for me.  Lesson learned here, 2.5mm is often classified as size US1, US1.5, OR US2. Knitter beware!
  3. Yes, that yarn on the ball winder is the beginning to the end of the monkey you see behind it.
  4. I now know that it is not only my knitting mojo, but my crafting mojo in general is all screwed up.  For the shirt I was making for class, I ended up making two of the same sleeve instead of a right and left.  Unlike the semi forgiving nature of knitting, sewing is not so generous.  So more cutting ahead, while I burn one of the sleeves in effigy to banish the evil crafting spirits.

Out Damned spirt, OUT!!!