The Endpaper mitts are nearing the end. I love how they are so swishy and warm from the stranded knitting. I will probably have them completed by Sunday. The only problem is that instead of wanting to go back to the Cable-Down Raglan, I want to start on the Anemoi mittens next. Needless to say, two color knitting is highly addictive!


Other distractions include tracing my first Burda magazine pattern. It will be making skirt 129 from the August 2007 Burda Magazine ( click on it for bigger view).


I have some left over red plaid from my tailored jacket so I thought I would make a skirt to match. I am normally not a matchy matchy person with my wardrobe but this just might work out. The jacket won’t be done for a while, but when it gets to a presentable point I will post some update pictures.


Another distraction, or inspiration, came in the mail last week. A full size ham, tailor board, and tailor clapper. I won them on e-bay after losing out on all the point pressers. I was so much happier having won this set for $26 bucks!! I am playing in the big leagues now!