Wow! I had a pretty crazy night on Thursday which ended rather well. Me and a friend decided to go to the book signing event for Craft Inc. which was hosted at Reform School in Los Angeles from 6-9pm . We were so jazzed! We even planned to get off work early. Well, little do we know that we should have left at 12 noon because we ended up battling massive traffic on the freeways, and getting lost in Los Angeles for 1.5 hours!!

Yes, we had internet direction.


Yes, we had a map.


Yes, we stopped and ask for direction, which were wrong.


Yes, we are obviously direction deficient.

In the end, we got to the event at 8:15pm and had a wonderful time. We met Meg the author and I got my book sighed.


I also got to see some of the wonderful crafts that I have only seen via the internet, included the wall pockets from Shim and Sons.


The best part of the night was that me and my friend both won prizes in the raffle! She won a necklace from a local artist, whose name escapes me at the moment, and I won a wonderful gift package from Variegated Inc.


Which included a Denim Bag with a silkscreened tree, a drawstring bag, and 3 lavendar pouches.


I also bought this wonderful cup/bowl called a Buddha bowl. It is so perfect! Due to the way it is molded it makes you hold the bowl as shown in the picture above. This is ingenious because it not only serves to secure the vessel but you hands warm from the liquid inside. I loved it and enjoyed my coffee with warm and toasty hands this morning 🙂

My new cup, the raffle win and the endless story telling has made the long night, frustrating moments, and long drive home worth the visit.

Next event…Felt Club XL craft fair which is also in L.A.!! I guess I need to put on my big girl panties for this one so I have the courage to brave the L.A. streets…AGAIN .

Wish me luck!