This is a box bag set that I made for my secret swap partner in my knit group.   She was a burgeoning sock knitter so I thought she could definitely use a small project bag.  I filled the inside with sock yarn and sock knitting notions for her to get started.  She seemed to like it so…mission accomplished.

Fabric: Marimekko fabric found at Crate and Barrel Outlet,  Suede fabric
Box Bag Tutorial on Drago[knit]fly
Modifications: The dimensions mentioned on the blog did not produce the size I was looking for.  I had to remake the bag using 15.5″ x 15.5″ dimensions.
Enjoyment Factor:
7 – mainly due to dimensional issues I had.
Time: .5 days

The Good

  • I bought quite a bit of this Marimekko fabric on discount and finally got to use it. I really like the color combo
  • The bag is actually very handy for small projects so is perfect for sock knitters.  This is exemplified by the abundance of these bags on etsy.
  • I really like the suede fabric.  I justed in on the back of the handle and the little zipper pouch.  I can’t wait for the Christmas crafting to be over so I can finally make myself a bag with this material.


  • I used a zipper that was too long and it actually worked out perfectly because I did not have to worry about stitching around the zipper head when topstitching the opening flaps.  I just trimmed them later.  It definitely made for an easy and clearer line.

The Bad


  • The dimensions on the pattern are for literally a box shaped bag, but the picture shows one more similar to mine or at least rectangular instead of square.  This was probably both a function of the 16″x12″ dimensions given and the sizing of the final stitched triangle that creates the sides (see pattern for clarification).  Either way it was too small for what I had intended so I had to make another using 15.5″ x15.5″ dimensions and making sure the triangle was much smaller.
  • I didn’t like how the pattern left you with exposed edges so I bound the cut edges of the bag with some extra wide bias binding from my stash.   It really gave it a more finished look.  Wish I had a picture to show you, but alas it is gone now.

The Ugly

  •  The first bag left so much to be desired.  I wish I had a picture but it was just BAD.  The size was off, the sides were crooked.  But in the end I learned a  lot and was able to do a MUCH better job on the second round.