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This was my final project for my sewing class. I have been meaning to show you all this project for some time. I finally got around to wearing it today. At first I didn’t like it, but it is much better with a cami underneath. Don’t know if that will save it from the eventual Goodwill pile though 😦

Fabric: Flat Folds from M&L
Inspiration: Butterick 4457 Shirt
New Tech: Buttonholes, tucks
Cost: Approximately $6.00
Enjoyment Factor:

The Good:

  • The cost of course! Since this was my first sewn shirt I wanted to make the pain of possible sewing mishaps to be minimal, hence the Flat Folds fabric from M&L
  • The collar came out really good. I say this because this posed a problem for a lot of my classmates but to uneven color length issue
  • I love my fabric covered button. I saw the idea executed at Whispering Pine and knew that my shirt needed fabric covered buttons too



The Bad:

  • Like the skirt, I don’t really wear button down shirts.
  • “Tucks?? What are tucks??” These were my words when the teacher told me that the lines in the pattern picture were not darts, but tucks. “Eew, that’s not how I saw this shirt” were my next words. But after adding them to the shirt, they grew on me. Not enough for me to love them, but enough so that I was not severly disappointed.


  • Buttonholes are evil. Actually it was due more to the machine mishaps I had in class which prevented me from getting a good buttonhole. When I finally did get one that worked right, I made the hole too big for the button. Have you ever ripped out buttonhole stitches?? Believe me, I was cussing in my head the whole time.
  • The pattern has lots of little details that add to the pretty basic design of the shit shirt (excuse my typo 🙂 ), including side slits


The Ugly:

  • The sleeves bother me. The fit is good but the sleeves have a tendency to restrict my arm movement a little when I reach forward. This may be why this shirt will most likely find itself as a donation to goodwill. It is sad but true

Sewing Time: 10 hours – Not hard, but I only did it in class and had to learn all sorts of new techniques.


Bet you were expecting to see fuzzy T.V. screens ala Poltergeist or Spinning heads courtesy of Linda Blair.  Instead, I woke up the other day and saw this.  


Yes, the Noro Butterfly sweater is knitting itself, which is much prettier than demon possessed woman.  I talk about possession because I have had very little time to donate to knitting this sweater lately and yet every time I turn around it has increase in size by leaps and bounds.  Right now I am looking at it and I have an inch to go before I start the arm holes.    Man! Why can’t every knit be this motivated to become a sweater (do you like how I blame the inanimate object?).  So far, it is turning out to be much nicer than I thought and I hope to have the back done this weekend.

Speaking of things that are done…I am now completely finished with my quilt top.  I figured I would not subject you to more quilting new until the actual thing is done, which at present seems like a long time coming but I will persevere.  I also finished my first sewn shirt that will have a finished object post all its own in the near future.  In the meantime, here are the fabric buttons I made for it.  Aren’t they so neat!  I LOVE fabric buttons!


But what about Orangina, you ask? Well, she is on the back burner because (1) my hands hurt, (2) knitting on size 2 are not as gratifying as knitting a variegated yarn with size 8 needles, (3) although it is June here it is still on and off cold so I have to milk the wool knitting season for all it is worth.  Hopefully she will be back in my knitting good graces in a few weeks.


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