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I figured I would end the FO parade with a bang or maybe a flutter with the debut of the long awaited (or maybe not) Noro Butterfly sweater. I loved this sweater since I saw one of my knit group members sporting it. I knew I had to have it but due to yarn cost I postponed until the time was right (i.e. the yarn was on sale). This sweater knit up extremely fast and I have been finished for almost a month before today’s final reveal (eek!) Anyhoo on to the details…

Yarn: Noro Kureyon
Inspiration: Noro Butterfly
Size 8
Yardage: 13 balls
Modifications: Reduced the sleeve length to 17.5″ instead of 20.75″
Enjoyment Factor: 9

Knit Time: 5/24/07 – 7/1/07

The Good:

  • Can’t beat sale yarn! Got the yarn for a steal so it made the knitting that much more enjoyable
  • I kept saying that this knit itself and it really did! This is one of the fastest and most addictive sweaters I have knit. Too bad it is 80+ degrees outside. But I just couldn’t stop!
  • This thing is warm but not heavy. It floats like a butterfly and the colors sting like a bee. Ok the colors are not that much of a zinger but the Muhammed Ali reference had to be through in there somewhere.
  • I was worried about fit, because the sweater, if knit in the wrong size looked like it would swallow you whole, but my size proved be the right size after all. Sleeves were another story….
  • Kureyon, although not soft in nature, does soften up with a good wash in Soak or other woolwash. Plus I don’t mind a little scratchiness and for me this is not really scratchy at all.
  • Damn, my finishing skills are improving immensely. I used to be afraid of the finishing on sweaters but now its not so bad, even looks kinda good in the end.


The Bad:

  • I had some collar issues. Also, despite my pinning and steaming, it still tends to roll a little bit unless I wear it with a little bit of a high collar in the back. I don’t think that will ever go away.


  • Matching those stripes. I was not obsessive about it, but it was a concern so I at least made an effort at getting them to match. I did pretty good all around. The sleeves were a little off, but nothing that you would immediately notice. In the end I was left with some of the uglier color bits, which if spit spliced together, equals about 3/4 of a ball of Kureyon. Hmmm….guys like ugly colors right 🙂

The Ugly:

  • What the hell type of monkey arms does the models at Noro have that they would suggest a 20.75″ sleeve on this!! I reduced the length to 17.5″, that is a 3.25″ reduction, and it still came out on the long side. Long is what I wanted, but Noro was going for octopus extensions with those measurements.
  • Trying not to follow the painful odyssey of other Butterfly knitters, I seamed the fronts and backs and then safety pinning the sleeve in to try it on. Good thing, because I ended up having to reknit the sleeve cap on the second one to match my new 17.5″ measurements. All in all I got some really cuddly and beautiful sleeves out of the deal but I repeat, what was Noro thinking!




So here are the new butterfly wings. I finished the collar and it came out quite nice I think. This was after I completely over thought the process of knitting it and ended up ripping and reknitting. So here is how the saga went:

  1. I picked up the 142 sts to knit the collar. I knit for about 3″ and then thought, hey, why is the seam on the top side of this thing? So I kept knitting but was getting frustrated by this seemingly counter-intuitive construction.
  2. I stopped knitting and looked all over the blogisverse to find a closeup of a butterfly collar. No dice. I had to believe in the pattern.
  3. So much for faith because I ripped out the 3″, picked up the 142 sts again, this time opposite of that the pattern stated and started knitting so that the seam would be underneath the folded over collar. I got about 1 row before I knew that it was just wrong….wrong, wrong, wrong…
  4. So I ripped out the little I had done, picked up 142 sts again, this time the right way and kept knitting secure in the fact that this way was far less wrong than the wrong way which turns out was just WAY wrong. Hee….like the bad engrish 🙂

So 426 picked up sts later I finished the collar. Then I blocked the sleeve. Wouldn’t you know it, I suffered the same fate as my butterfly predecessors. Despite reducing the length of the sleeve from 20 3/4″ to 18 3/4″, it was still too long. So I will have to rip back the sleeve cap on the first sleeve by another 1.5″ and reknit. In the meantime, I am knitting up the second sleeve to the 17 .5″ length that I think it should be because I just don’t have the heart to rip right now.


In sewing news, I have already started the Amy Butler Goes to Hawaii crafting fest. I have finished the sewing on the front and back panels, next will be attaching the top and zipper. However, this will have to resume after a much needed break due to a recent lack of sleep. Maybe I will have a finished weekender to show you this weekender…I mean weekend.

**Said in Forrest Gump sounding voice.

Ha…here is proof!!


Opps..guess that doesn’t prove much. So here is the real proof!


The back and the two fronts of the butterfly jacket are finished and blocking. It is now perfect blocking weather in So. California because it has been 80+ degrees for the past few days. I pinned these out this morning around 10 am and when I returned home at about 2pm, they were almost dry. I debated on what to start on next – the sleeve or the collar – but since I am impatient I already casted on for the sleeves so I wouldn’t have to stop knitting. Finding the right length could prove to be tricky so we shall see how these turn out.

So there!! Although the last few, and probably the next, post have been sewing related, there has been some knittin’ goin’ on. The proof is in the purl….unless you are knitting in the round 🙂

Fabric: Etsuko Furuya Echino
Inspiration: Amy Butler Patchwork Bag from In Stitches
New Tech/Modifications: I did the bag in all one fabric instead of doing the patchwork Cost: Approximately $15.00
Enjoyment Factor:

The Good:

  • I love this fabric! I have been eyeing various Etsuko fabrics and didn’t want to buy them due to the growing stash and expense, cause this fabric aighn’t cheap.
  • I love the way I was able to almost perfectly match the bird on the top of the bag.

  • The instructions were fabulous. I have to give it to Amy Butler, she does a wonderful job with instructions.
  • I found the internal fabric at IKEA. There was a silky pillowcase in the “as is” section that matched the color perfectly. In addition to using nearly every scrap of this fabric, I also recycled the zipper for a future matching zip bag for my notions.

  • I like the durable feeling of the bag. The home decor weight fabric along with the quilting makes this thing feel really professional. Especially the little stop tab at the end

  • This bag works well for it’s intended purpose as a medium size knitting bag. The final straw was when someone mistook my white Apple shopping bag for a diaper and nearly threw it away. It fits about two medium size projects and a few notions. Because of the zipper it also adds some good resistance when you need to pull the yarn out of the bag. By the way, that is the left front of the Butterfly sweater making a guest appearance.

  • It also makes a good home for my knitting charm, given to me by a very crafty friend. It makes a wonderful zipper pull.

The Bad:

  • This thing required a lot of strategic cutting because I only had 3/4 yards of fabric instead of the 1 yard specified AND I only wanted to use one fabric instead of the patchwork, so I had to really plan it so that I had enough.
  • I had limited inside fabric from the pillow case. I actually ran out and had to back the bottom cardboard stabilizer piece with a different fabric, but you would never know.
  • The slip stitching in the lining. Once again this was just a time suck for me. When I am this close to completion having to move this slow was killing me. But it did come out nicely.

The Ugly:

  • There is just one corner of the bag that I wish had gone better. You would never know it unless I told you so I won’t 🙂
  • I love the Etsuko Fabrics and want yards and yards of the all. But the cost is way over my current fabric stashing budget. Don’t get me wrong. It is well worth it to get such a wonderful home decor weight fabric, but at $18+ dollars a yard, you have to plan carefully.

Sewing Time: 10 hours over 2 days

Bet you were expecting to see fuzzy T.V. screens ala Poltergeist or Spinning heads courtesy of Linda Blair.  Instead, I woke up the other day and saw this.  


Yes, the Noro Butterfly sweater is knitting itself, which is much prettier than demon possessed woman.  I talk about possession because I have had very little time to donate to knitting this sweater lately and yet every time I turn around it has increase in size by leaps and bounds.  Right now I am looking at it and I have an inch to go before I start the arm holes.    Man! Why can’t every knit be this motivated to become a sweater (do you like how I blame the inanimate object?).  So far, it is turning out to be much nicer than I thought and I hope to have the back done this weekend.

Speaking of things that are done…I am now completely finished with my quilt top.  I figured I would not subject you to more quilting new until the actual thing is done, which at present seems like a long time coming but I will persevere.  I also finished my first sewn shirt that will have a finished object post all its own in the near future.  In the meantime, here are the fabric buttons I made for it.  Aren’t they so neat!  I LOVE fabric buttons!


But what about Orangina, you ask? Well, she is on the back burner because (1) my hands hurt, (2) knitting on size 2 are not as gratifying as knitting a variegated yarn with size 8 needles, (3) although it is June here it is still on and off cold so I have to milk the wool knitting season for all it is worth.  Hopefully she will be back in my knitting good graces in a few weeks.


This is about a very unseasonable knitting project that I will probably start on very very soon. When I think of summer I think of flowers and sunshine and Butterfly’s


Noro’s Butterfly to be exact!

This became an addition to my knitting “To Do” list when I saw one of my knit group members wearing it. Holy Cow!, I thought. I stalked her the rest of the night..touching and felling. Pregnant lady belly rubbing was nothing in comparison to the harassment this lady must have felt. But alas, it was not to be because I couldn’t justify 14 balls at $8.80 or $11.00 depending on what Noro yarn I decided to use.

Well, As the knitting fates would have it, Little Knits was having a 40-50% off sale on Silk Garden and Kureyon. And once again fate stepped in when I stumbled upon their blog and read 5 posts in to find out they were going to list this yarn with limited quantities. Lastly, I stalked the site until I was graced with 14 balls of Noro Kureyon in my basket at 45% off.


I really liked the dark colors in the original, but the lighter colors are ok too.  They are a little more drab in real life but I was also happy that they had it in the lesser expensive Kureyon. My knitting co-worker also liked the pattern when I showed her, so she bought some Silk Garden so she could knit along with me.

Since it will be too hot to actually wear this, it may be on the needles for some time, but on the needles it will be. I already swatched for it too!  Butterflies are so beautiful!


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