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Ahh man I miss my old home town of Oakland. I went up there for the weekend and I have to say I am a little homesick, even though techniquely I am living in my hometown which is 5 minutes from where I was born. I had a wonderful weekend full of eating, shopping, eating, shopping, being lazy, and chillin with my Oakland homie.

We ate at all my favorite places and even some new ones.

On the crafty side, we went fabric hunting and yarn crawling. The fabric day was the best! I went to the Crate and Barrel Outlet which has discontinued Marimekko fabric on sale. The lady was extremely nice and instead of the 4 yards I asked for, gave me 9 yards for the price of 2.5! I couldn’t keep the smile off my face for the entire trip.


Even the kitties can’t stay away!

Next we went to Poppy Fabric which is going out of business and was having a 35% off sale. Earlier in the day we were in a store that had a bag I wanted but didn’t want to pay $100 for it, even though it would have been worth every cent. What do I find in the fabric store? The very same fabric used for the bag. I ended up buying quite a few different colors and some cute buttons. Wish I could have bought more but the fabric is busting at the seams right now.


Yarn day was also exciting. We went to the South Bay area to explore some yarn shops I had never been to before. I didn’t buy much, just some patterns and one ball of yarn, but it was all about the experience. That black cherry red yarn is Yarn Place Gentle which has a hint of cashmere. Yes, I know it is lace weight and yes, I know I said I was not a lace knitter, but really it is so addicting. This yarn is allocated for a Hanami stole.


I will be adding a page to the blog soon with the yarn shop reviews and the places I like to eat, so stop by when they are ready 🙂


Quick Look!!! It’s yarn..


yummy yummy yarn


Noro Iro #63 (80% Wool, 20% Silk)

Now that you are passified with the beauty of new stash, I will launch into my excuses for not posting. Nah, I have just been lazy and unable to take pictures of my knitting due to heat or lack of adequate lighting. Wow, the excuses flow so freely. Anyway, this is the yarn I have been lusting after for a while and just decided to bite the bullet and get. Noro Iro which will become the two color Noro Bradshaw sweater below:


I have only seen one other people make this, probably due to the prohibitive cost, but since Little Knits had it for 58% off (Yeah Knitaholics R Us I know! I AM a sucker for a sale) and brooklyntweed gave it such a rave review, I thought it was finally time to bring this baby home. I do have a few knits to finish before I get to this.

Coming Soon….

  • Finished Butterfly Sweater
  • Finished Amy Butler Weekender Bag
  • Probably will be finished by the next time I post, Amy Butler Blue Sky Sunhat

Currently Knitting….

  • Orangina…..ssslllooowwly

This is about a very unseasonable knitting project that I will probably start on very very soon. When I think of summer I think of flowers and sunshine and Butterfly’s


Noro’s Butterfly to be exact!

This became an addition to my knitting “To Do” list when I saw one of my knit group members wearing it. Holy Cow!, I thought. I stalked her the rest of the night..touching and felling. Pregnant lady belly rubbing was nothing in comparison to the harassment this lady must have felt. But alas, it was not to be because I couldn’t justify 14 balls at $8.80 or $11.00 depending on what Noro yarn I decided to use.

Well, As the knitting fates would have it, Little Knits was having a 40-50% off sale on Silk Garden and Kureyon. And once again fate stepped in when I stumbled upon their blog and read 5 posts in to find out they were going to list this yarn with limited quantities. Lastly, I stalked the site until I was graced with 14 balls of Noro Kureyon in my basket at 45% off.


I really liked the dark colors in the original, but the lighter colors are ok too.  They are a little more drab in real life but I was also happy that they had it in the lesser expensive Kureyon. My knitting co-worker also liked the pattern when I showed her, so she bought some Silk Garden so she could knit along with me.

Since it will be too hot to actually wear this, it may be on the needles for some time, but on the needles it will be. I already swatched for it too!  Butterflies are so beautiful!


You know when you get into that mood where you need SOMETHING to make you happy, whether it be food, drink, or….I don’t know….yarn? Well, I was doing pretty good, and still in based on the rules of the YFC and KFYS rules, however, I caved on the purchase of yarn. Now before you judge, listen to the circumstances.

On Wednesday, I went to to do my daily review of what everyone is selling and I spot 2 skeins of Socks that Rocks for $12.00 including shipping. what WHAT!! I struggled with myself for about 5 minutes trying to convince myself out of it. Needless to say I caved and sent the e-mail to request the purchase. I waited all day, beating myself up for being so weak and then I got the e-mail….that said she sold it to someone else. I was both relieved and depressed about losing this wonderful deal.

However, fate had something else in store for me.

My Valentine’s day was a little depressing. This is probably one of the few times I think about being single and it is only compounded by the fact that everyone is so lovey dovey and getting presents. PRESENTS!! Well, I wanted a present too, but was still on this nasty yarn diet so I suffered through the feeling until I got to my knit group.

One of our normal meeting places, Banana Berry, was closing and I specifically turned down an invitation to be the third wheel on my Sister’s Valentine’s dinner to be with my friends at knit group. My reward was that the owner, in a very CALM voice told me that all yarn in the store was $5.00. $5.00? I didn’t believe her. I kept repeating it and looking around as if it was a cruel joke. I picked up yarn and looked at her, “$5.00?” I asked. She mouthed “5.00”. I picked up another, “5.00?” Once again she said “5.00!”. When another knit group member arrived I told her about the deal with the same reaction “5.00!!!”

So needless to say I used my Get out of jail free card for KFYS and my free day for YFC. To buy these goodies:

2 skeins Cherry Tree Hill to hopefully make the chevron scarf for the Scarfalong
and some of this:

7 balls ofRoyal Bamboo in a wonderful buttery yellow to make this

That was after 3 hours of mulling and shopping so that I didn’t add to much to my stash. Technically, I was the picture of restraint. Here was the damage for one of my other knit group members which proves it could have been much much worse.

This is only one of 5 piles. MAN, I wish I was her!

So I decided this year that i would go to the Yarn Lady Bag Sale. The last time I attended a Bag Sale back in June of 2005. Last time I was a newbie – slowly deciding on yarns, immediately throwing back if I wasn’t 100% sure, and floundering as the veteran Bag Sale knitters piled their bags high with impulse grabs and widdled the lot down after casing the racks at least 3 or 4 times.

This year, however, I was the veteran. I got there and grabbed, grabbed, grabbed. Before I thinned the herd of yarn bags I swear I must have had $1000 in the blue Ikea bag of doom. But coming to my senses, I ended up buying enough yarn for two sweaters. Here is the loot:

Some Fare Baruffa – 7 Settembre and GGH Samoa.
**Cats were not included

One of the highlights of the sale was meeting Mrs.Hipp who is a new addition to the knitting blog universe. Our meeting happened as I was grabbing wildly for bags when I heard “are you the Nubian Craftster?” Although I have never been called by my blog name I immediately answered with an ear to ear smile of “Yes!”. She knew me by my Sunrise Circle Jacket, which I of course was wearing. We chatted a while as we continued to throw bags around in search of the perfect colors.

This is just one more example that the world is so much smaller with the internet in action. Needless to say you should take a moment to go visit her and encourage her to knit knit knit…so that we can read read read about it. Thank goodness for Bloglines.

Now I do realize that I was kinda asking for help in vain. 1) It is was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and most people are out an about, not blogging about needing to stay at home and 2) my plea for help was kinda like asking practicing alcoholics to be your AA sponsor. I am not saying that knit blogger don’t have control or drink heavily, I am just saying that going to the knitting world and complaining about yarn was just not the best of ideas.

So, because I am weak are now the first to see my new stash enhancements.

New Vogue Knitting Holiday 2006

I have been waiting for this for weeks. I thought I would have to wait until Tuesday but behold, Yarn Lady had it. The patterns I previewed are still the ones I liked the best. The other are not really that great in my opinion.

3 balls of Koigu KPM

These are for the Mermaid Gloves by Craftoholic which is an adaptation of the Pomatomus sock. Since the Fetching gloves don’t need to be done until December, these are going to be casted on for today.

3 wooden cable needles and size 1 DPN

I was pretty excited about these as since one of my SnB group members and fellow knit blogger mentioned these to me. I almost forgot about them until I was shopping around and saw them. Perfect timing since I am working on the Fetching gloves which have cabling involved.

I also bought some cheapy Susan Bates double pts so I could get started on the gloves.

Internet buys

To top it off the knitting accumulation spree, I also placed an order for Knitpicks needles mentioned in last post and a copy of Hip Graphic Knits

Unrelated Shopping

In addition to the knitting haul I also stopped at Ross and did some shopping. It wasn’t too bad, just some stuff for work. The funny part was that I was also looking for a shirt to match my new yarn. I did find a great dress though. Anyone who knows me has fainted in disbelief as I don’t wear dresses but I think it will also look great with jeans underneath. That will be the closest I have come to a dress since graduating from high school (read: a long time).

So all in all my wallet is lighter but so are my spirits…thanks yarn.

Man, so much has happened over the weekend. I mean, nothing related to actually seeing people or existing in a community (remember future spinster here). I mean in the, I spent all time by myself sort of way.

1. I posted some stash on Destash for Cash and have managed to sell all but one item! How cool is that. I have already sent and collected the booty. Only problem is that is supported the next 4 items…

2. I bought yarn on Elann and Knitpicks for the first time. I know I just did the equivalent of changing from heroine to crack but everyone got an addiction mine is yarn, not necessarily healthy but definitely not deadly…I don’t think. I will post the pictures when I actually get the new stash…I mean specifically project purchased yarn.

3. I bought 8 more balls of Queensland Llama Seta in beige, a light green, and a ball of purple for $1.98 per ball and some Louisa Harding Sari Ribbon for $2.94!!!!

4. I found a pair of $3.74 shoes that I love. They will match my green mimosa when it is complete. Now this is almost bigger than the $1.98 yarn as I wear a 12W. Shoeboxes are the next size up.

5. Last but not least…I have finished the back of the Green Mimosa! I feel like my own self managed sweat shop. I have imposed a 3 week deadline for finishing this project. So far I am on track but I think I will interrupt the mindless stockinette by making the Louisa Harding Easy Peasy Bag with the Sari Ribbon purchased during lucky moment number 3. See!!! I am trying to stick to my project on purchasing of yarn.

The only bad part is that my bronchitis is still here, I feel horrible and feverish and it has been 3 weeks. What did I do to you body to deserve this? Was it the fried chicken? the skipping gym workouts? the evil looks at the scale? What??? I just don’t know! Whatever it was I don’t deserve this. Gimme a break… k?

So have you heard of Destash for Cash? Well I have and I am trying to sell off some of mine. Given I LOVE my stash. It kills me to part with it, but I know that I must. I am a stuff hoarder and I admit I have a problem (first step, people!!) so I am parting with some parts of my stash (second step…taking action). If it goes well there may be more, but no promises. Here is what I have up for sale, so come take a look (third step…asking for help). Man, I am on a roll!!!

SOLD!!! – 4 balls GGH Velour Suede – $20.00

SOLD!!! – 4 Skeins Steadfast Fibers Marvelous Mohair – $25.00

SOLD!!! – 10 balls Jo Sharp Dessert Garden Aran Cotton – $27.00

SOLD!!! – 6 Skeins Rowan all seasons cotton – $25.00

SOLD!!!– 4 Skeins Mission Falls 1824 Cotton – $20.00

.flickr-photo { border: solid 2px #000000; }.flickr-yourcomment { }.flickr-frame { text-align: center; padding: 3px; }.flickr-caption { font-size: 0.8em; margin-top: 0px; }

(Click Here to view Photoset)

So I got my annoucement that Tall Mouse was going to have a 40% off entire purchase sale today. Well, my mind began reeling. What would I buy? More Noro, some cotton yarn, some wool for felting, glitterspun? There were so many options until I started thinking about….The Stash. I hadn’t inventoried the stash in months and never in the capacity in which I was about to embark and I felt bad about not knowing my inventory

Now don’t get me wrong, I still went to Tall Mouse and searched for 1.5 hours for the special buy that I just had to have that I would wake at the crack of dawn and buy at the Saturday morning sale. But despite my search there was nothing. I was not overtaken with the purchasing urge as I normally am. Instead I was just tired and bored with the search. I ended up spending $5.00 on beads and velcro.

This lack of buying desire immediately peaked my guilt again and I began to inventory my stash, I took pictures of nearly every yarn I have. Now the picture above doesn’t look like much but it takes up two laundry baskets.

I was embarrassed to even think about buying anymore yarn. I must bust the stash!!!

Thus my resolution begins… On this August 4, 2006 I, Monique, fight the urge to buy yarn as much as is possible for an obsessive personally and will bust at least half of this stash before this time next year. This includes any new yarn so that I am at 50% capacity by next year.

So a lot has happened over the week that I have not had time to blog about.

First great thing, I met the Long Beach Stitch and Bitch Group on Wednesday. I found out about them from a fellow blogger and had to meet some local knitsters. It was absolutely wonderful. It was nice just getting together with some other people in the area to discuss everything knit and much much more. Can’t wait for next Wednesday or the Wednesday after that or….

Second,I finished my Clapotis scarf/shawl. I will post pictures soon.

Third, Tall Mouse is having a Super Bowl sale. Today was 20% off your purchase and tomorrow is 40% off one item. This is where my family comes in. I have enlisted everyone, including my 10 year old niece to buy me yarn tomorrow as the 40% off coupon is for one person, one visit, one receipt. I may be late to the game, but I just discovered the Tall Mouse, which is in between a yarn shop and a Michaels. They have Noro and Louisa Harding Angora yarn so I must break my stashbusting and increase the stash. I already did by buying more yarn at $1.99.

I am so bad…

Lastly, I got my Peacock Shawl yarn today in the mail and am just waiting for the pattern to land in my mailbox. The color was not really what I expected, a little more plain blue than I thought, but it will do.

So that is the weekly update of all things knit..

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